PPM Oost

Regional Venture Capital Company

Participatiemaatschappij Oost Nederland NV (PPM Oost) is a regional venture capital company that is part of East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NV).

Revolving venture capital funds

PPM Oost administers government funds and manages revolving regional venture capital funds for specific sectors in the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel. PPM Oost’s company investment horizon is five to seven years. After that, PPM Oost’s aim is to sell its interests in consultation with joint shareholders and management. In addition, PPM Oost manages regional funds of its direct and indirect shareholders for the purpose of implementing specific regional policy. PPM Oost’s aim is to use all of its funds as a basis for becoming a solid, long term partner of companies focused on profitability.


To participate in daring and doing.


Capital, advice, coaching

Each individual company experiences its own development pattern with its ups and downs, and each stage has its own financing needs. Entrepreneurs looking for venture capital not only need money, they also need well-considered advice and coaching.

Reliable partner

PPM Oost is a reliable partner ready to assist entrepreneurs who dare to venture out in sensible ways. PPM Oost administers government funds. Its task is to invest in companies who, on the basis of their activities, contribute to a flourishing economy in the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel.

Prepared for greater risks

This exceptional assignment means that PPM Oost is prepared to take greater risks in financing promising and innovative companies. Greater risks than other commercial venture capital companies, especially those that are exclusively focused on financial returns.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The 3 Ps of corporate social responsibility (CSR) are key to PPM Oost in deciding in which companies to invest: People, Planet and Profit. Aside from striving for profit, corporate social responsibility also means that a company takes the impact of its activities on the environment (planet) into account and provides due consideration to human aspects within and outside the company (people). The key challenge involved in CSR is to find a balance between people, planet and profit.


PPM Oost invests in promising companies that profile themselves as frontrunners or leaders of the regional economy of the provinces Gelderland and Overijssel who are involved in the top sectors for the Netherlands: Agrofood, Life Sciences, High Tech and Energy. Innovative companies in other sectors could potentially be part of the target group as well.